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Decorated Robab with Eagle Head by Sabet Rasekh

With a free hard case

Music Theory

Faramarz Payvar Paper back



Professional guitar support-Hamsaz

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$22.00 $19.00

Quality Setar with a hard case

Free shipping to all over the world

Santoor professional

By Salari

Tar by Shokouhi

With a free hard case High quality persian Tar for sale

Teaching Rhythm and Daf book 3

by Masoud Habibi

Teaching Rhythm and Daf book 4

By Masoud Habibi

The Flaming Torch, Radif of Mirza Abdollah for Kamanche

based in the Version of Nour Ali Boroumand

The Qanun Course

Written by Malihe Sa’id

Tonbak Helmi - Burning Hakhamaneshi

With a free hard case of Tombak

Quality Santoor by Alizadeh

Free shipping
$299.00 $255.00

Good quality Soprano Santur

with free hard case by Qashqai
$350.00 $300.00

Radif Analysis

by Dariush talaie

Semi professional Setar Sabiza

with a free hard case

The Tar Elementary Course

Hossein Mehrâni

A Musical Tour Through Persian Dastgahs

Composer: Mohammad Haghighi

High Qulity Kamancheh- Kamanche

By Master Mehdi

Arghavan,Kamanche playing book 2 plus 2 DVD

By Ali akbar Shekarchi

Arghavan, Kamanche playing book 1 plus 2 DVD

By Aliakbar Shekarchi

Ney-anban Course

bagpipes course

Ney by Alavi with Calligraphy

Free shipping

Ney Course

Abdolnaqi Afsharnia

Vagooyeh -New Techniques for playing Setar

by Arash Ahmadi Nasab

Tombak Method of Jamshid Shemirani

by Farid Kheradmand

Tonbak Helmi - Simple

Free shipping

Damam by Ehsan Tayebi

With a free cover