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Rohab(First Quarter Tone Tuner/Metronome)Back light


Tonbak Helmi - Burning Hakhamaneshi

With a free hard case of Tombak

Professional guitar support-Hamsaz

Free shipping
$22.00 $19.00

Decorated Robab with Eagle Head by Sabet Rasekh

With a free hard case

Tar by Shokouhi

With a free hard case High quality persian Tar for sale

Quality Setar with a hard case

Free shipping to all over the world

Economy Class Setar By Mafakheri

$190.00 $170.00

Fiberglass Hard case of Tar-AzeriTar

By Rahavi

Economy Taar Tar Sadeghi with a free Hard case

Persian tar

Santoor professional

By Salari

High quality Mezrab hammer of Santur dulcimer


The Qanun Course

Written by Malihe Sa’id

Music Theory

Faramarz Payvar Paper back

The Mirza Abdollah Radif


The Life of Musical Instruments in the Musical History Of Persia


Music Souvenirs


The Flaming Torch, Radif of Mirza Abdollah for Kamanche

based in the Version of Nour Ali Boroumand

Wooden Hard case of Oud- lockable

by Tehrani

Tahrir in Persian Vocals


Teaching Rhythm and Daf book 3

by Masoud Habibi

Teaching Rhythm and Daf book 4

By Masoud Habibi

Quality Santoor by Alizadeh

$299.00 $255.00

Good quality Soprano Santur

with free hard case by Qashqai
$350.00 $300.00

Radif Analysis

by Dariush talaie

Semi professional Setar Sabiza

with a free hard case

The Tar Intermediate Course


Semi professional Tar-Taar Sabiza with a free Hard case

By Yousef Sabiza

The Tar Elementary Course

Hossein Mehrâni

A Musical Tour Through Persian Dastgahs

Composer: Mohammad Haghighi

High Qulity Kamancheh- Kamanche

By Master Mehdi

Arghavan,Kamanche playing book 2 plus 2 DVD

By Ali akbar Shekarchi

Arghavan, Kamanche playing book 1 plus 2 DVD

By Aliakbar Shekarchi

High Quality Kamancheh -Lori open bowl Kamanche

By Siavash

Ney-anban Course

bagpipes course

Ney by Alavi with Calligraphy

Free shipping

Ney-Nay Anban-Bagpipes with painting -Farvahar design

by Bagheri

Ney Course

Abdolnaqi Afsharnia

20 Pieces for Oud


Vagooyeh -New Techniques for playing Setar

by Arash Ahmadi Nasab

Professional Oud Pick Oud Plectrum- 2 Pcs

Pyramid Oud pick

Daf - Habibi Elite (Synthetic head)


Tonbak Helmi - Simple

Free shipping

Damam by Ehsan Tayebi

With a free cover

Video Tutorial Training Santur Santoor dulcimer DVD

basic Level

Video Tutorial Training Tanbur, Tamboor DVD


Video Tutorial Training Tombak Zarb Tonbak DVD

basic Level

Video Tutorial Training Nay Ney DVD

Advanced Level