About Us

Persian Musicshop: Music for peace and friendship

We do our best to provide high quality Persian instruments and make our customer pleasant with the products .

Wide range of Persian musical instruments and accessories

We try to offer a wide range of Persian musical instruments for those who love oriental music.We also offer the accessories of those instruments to fulfill our clients need in these categories.

Best Price with the best customer service 

We adjust our prices based on different social classes so that all people can afford the products they would love to have.economy class Santoor is one of those popular instruments beside our professional ones.We offer also variety of Persian Setar and daf etc ,to meet all our customer satisfaction.

Shipping : Safe and soon

Since the musical instruments are fragile , we pack them well enough to prevent any damage during the journey inorder to receive it safely.We ship to all over the world ,however most of our customers are in the USA.