Persian Robab / Rabab

History of Robab:

The rūbāb is a plucked instrument with 12 to 18 strings. In fact, the rūbāb has only six melody strings, and the rest of the strings are drone strings. The rūbāb is played by a pick made of an animal horn or sometimes plastic and has a soft and bass sound. Although the word “rūbāb” is seen in Persian classical literature especially in the poetries of Rumi; however, today this instrument is mostly considered as a local instrument of the Sistan and Baluchistan province, the southeastern Persia.

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Decorated Robab by Sabet Rasekh

with a free hard case

Decorated Robab with Eagle Head by Sabet Rasekh

With a free hard case

Rabab / Rubab / Robab - Jafrudi

Persian Rubab made by Master Jafrudi

Robab (pir abad)

Made by master Jafrudi