Abdollah Abbasi


I am Abdollah Abbasi in Golpeygan in 1962

I spent my childhood to get carpenter's profession at my father's working place. 
I was 16 years old when I made a violin by three-ply wood from a picture for the first time and learned Violin from late master Asadollah Malek whit it for a few time, sometimes I made Dulcimer and it's plectrum at that time . 
in 1985 I went to Mr. Motalleb Bakhtiary for learning Violin that I saw Setar there for the first time and became interested in making Setar . 
Mr. Bakhtiary was blind but he guided me a lot .It didn't take a long time after making Setar that I made Tar too .From a picture for the first time and making Tar was the cause of getting familiar with Master Zeydollah Tluee .He gave me permission to take pattern from his Yahya's Tar . 
By the help of pattern I made the second Tar that I was welcomed by Master Tluee and others. During making musical instruments I learned playing Tar from him for about one year and half. 
In 1990 I got familiar with Master Hushang Zarif. I continued my learning near him at that time he didn't with hold me to his fatherly kindness and guided me. Unfortunately from when I lost my left hand's fingers during my work, I practiced playing tar less than before and continued making it until now

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Harp/Chang Ahoura

Made by Ostad Abbasi

Harp/Chang Chakavak

Made by Ostad Abbasi

Harp/Chang Tara

Made by Ostad Abbasi

Tar by Abdullah Abbasi

With a free hard case