Ahuye Man (Music of Khorasan)

Vocals: Aryan Rahmanian
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(Music of Khorasan)

Vocals: Arian Rahmanian
Arrangement: Matin & Misaq Eshaqi
Tar,Setar,Bamtar: Matin Eshaqi
Kamanche: Misaq Eshaqi
Tombak,Daf,Dayere,Dohol: Daryush Eshaqi
Santur: Fariba Eshaqi


Aryan Rahmanian: was born in 1976 in Khorasan. He studied the vocal radif and singing techniques with Mohsen Keramati, Nasrollah Nasehpur, and Mohammad-Reza Lotfi. Aryan was exposed to the music of Khorasan from his early age and learned this music from the local singers and instrumentalists.

Daryush Eshaqi: Born in 1960. He learned the playing of the from Majid Kolahduzan, Jamshid Mohebbi, Mohammad Akhavan, and Naser Farhangfar.

Misaq Eshaqi: was born in 1985. His first teacher was his father from whom he learned the. He studied the kamanche with Ardeshir Kamkar, Sa`id Farajpuri, and Ali Akbar Shekarchi.

Matin Eshaqi: was born in 1987. Like his brother, he was born in a musical family and his teacher was his father. Matin learned the playing of the tar from Behdad Shahide, Behruz Hemmati, and Mohammad-Reza Lotfi.

Fariba Eshaqi: was born in 1966. She learned the playing of the santur from Ali Javaheri, Mohammad Movahedinia, Mehdi Setayeshgar, and Sa`id Sabet.

Published [15/02/2009]

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