Balaban Philharmonic Ensemble of Baku
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Balaban Philharmonic Ensemble of Baku

Vahid Asadollahi

 Rahman Asadollahi
Born in 1960 in Tehran, learned qaval under his brother while begin 11. After, he switched to naqqare owing to its wider range and studied it with Hushang Zive. Being a player for over 18 years, he made a trip to Azerbaijan Republic and extended his technical faculty under Almas Qoliev. Along with the master Safar-Ali Javid he experienced an orchestral performance and his learning there assisted him in his journey to Baku in 1998 a lot. He has so far had various tours to Canada, the United States, Germany, Italy, and France. He has achieved the first rank at Fajr Music Festival twice and appeared in the jury of Regional Music Festival in 2001.

Balaban Philharmonic Ensemble of Baku
This ensemble consists of four Balaban players, respectively as: Changiz Aliev (who plays zorna in the 12th piece, Yalli), Tofiq Majidov, Fikrat Ashrafzade and Amanollayev. Saheb Pashayev, who who partly appears as Tar players, conducts the whole ensemble. Indisputably, without his supervision, Aqaverdi Pashayev, his father, could have never been able to record the whole pieces. It should be mentioned that all the arrangements have been fulfilled by Saheb Pashayev himself. ...

Published [12/06/2004]