Esare su ( Music of Mazandaran )

Shavash Ensemble
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Music of Mazandaran

Shavash Ensemble
Director: Ahmad Mohsenpour
Vocals: Abdolhasan khoshro , Nurollah Alizadeh , Shaban Nikkhu

 1. Katuli
Of the most important tunes in the music of Mazandaran with amorous content. It is a part of vocal music in this region. Literally it means "high", "height", "big" and also "long". Its form in tripartite. The first part is in free meter and the third part is totally metric. The second part stands metrically in between.

2. Galle re Bordan
It is a pastoral piece with a narrative content. The piece relates to a folk tale: Once a group of bandits attacked the sheep and dispersed the cattle. They did not manage to gather the sheep. They asked a shepherd for doing so. The shepherd went on a hilltop and blowed in his Laleva (fife) and played the famous tune: "O Pretty Cousin, they have banditted us." His cousin heard the tune and gathered the people of the village and at last the group of bandits were defeated.

3. Kija Jan
This is a generic term denoting numerous songs such as Hamdam Jan, Gol-e Man, Giqarar, etc. Generally they have an amorous content with lyrics of 11-syllables. Each has a gushvareh (literally: "earring") and a refrain. Gushvareh is a short refrain in which the name of the beloved is repeated. The name of each Kija Jan is the same as its gushvareh, e.g. Goli Jan, Banu Jan, etc. Different contents are used in Kija Jan, but in the refrain the subject remains constant.

4. Sut Khani
Sut Khani narrates the epic poetry of Mazandaran folk heros. Rashid Khan is a very famous example.

5. Goli-be-Goli Khani
It is a vocal form in which a single tune is sung by two or more singers in sequence. 

Published [16/08/2003]