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Farabi School Software

The First  comprehensive software for Persian Music Appreciation


More than 18 Hours video and audio samples and hundreds of Photos.

The main features of the Farabi School Software are:

  • Introducing the different instruments of Persian art music, such as : tar, setar, santur, ney, oud, kamanche, qaychak, qanun, tombak ,chanq, and robab in addition  to the regional instruments of Persian music
  • The history , structure, the new experiences, playing styles and a number of pictures of each discussed instrument as well as the biographies of its well-known players
  • The study of different styles of Persian music since the Qajar period to the present time.
  • A selection of Persian music theories
  • This software also includes some music tools with the variety of useful abilities such as : Metronome , Diapason and Scale and Melody player with supporting Quarter Tone

Under the artistic supervision and endorsement of the contemporary masters of Persian music: The santur section: Majid Kiani ,The Qanun section:Malihe Saeedi, The kamanche section: Davood Ganjei, The ney section: Mohammad Ali Kianinejad , The tar and setar section: Driush Talaei and Ramin Jazayeri , The tonbak section: Kambiz Ganjei, The Oud section :Hossein Behroozinia, The Harp section: Abdolali Baqeri Nejad,The study of different styles of Persian music: Dr. Sasan Fatemi


System Requirments:

- Windows XP sp2, Vista,Windows 7, Server2003 sp2
- Windows Media Player 10+
- DVD Drive.
- CPU 1.6+ GH
- Sound Card

The Price includes world wide shipping cost

For more information ,please visit  http://www.farabisoft.com/?lang=en

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