Garmon: R. Asadollahi / Naqara: V. Asadollahi
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Garmon: Rahman Asadollahi
Naqara: Vahid Asadollahi

 The present collection entails pieces of Azerbaijani music repertoire collected and performed by Vahid Asadollahi, himself a naqqare-player. With the exception of the 8th track, all other pieces have been recorded during his Baku tour in 1998 cooperating with his brother Rahman, a virtuoso garmon-player, and the Orchestra of Baku Radio and Television.
Apart from 2 mughams, Mahur and Segah, the pieces presented in this collection might as well be categorized as light music, Mahni, a song (taraneh) in Azerbaijani music and different from Tasnif. The latter is more complicated in terms of form and often is a dependent and fixed piece belonging to dastgah, as a result it is not to be identified with tasnif in Persian classical music, which is not included in the repertoire of radif. Mahni has a simpler structure and in this regard is very similar to folk tunes. Mahnis are classified into two classes: (1) Khalq Mahnisi, and (2) Bastekari Mahnisi. The former belongs to folklore repertoire and the latter to "composed" repertoire. Towfiq Guliev, Saeed Rustamov, and Jahangir Jahangirov are among the best composers of Mahni. Some examples of Bastakari are so close to folklore repertoire that almost resemble Khalq Mahnisi. Of these famous folk tunes are Ala goz by Saeed Rustamov, and one of the best known melodies, Ayriliq by Ostad Salimi. ...

Published [15/07/2003]