Improvisations on Setar (1&2)

Setar : Ostad Ahmad Ebadi
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Setar : Ostad Ahmad Ebadi

(2 CDs)

 Late Ostad Ahmad Ebadi (b. 1907) was the last child of Mirza Abdollah. He was only seven years when his father died. His elder sisters and brother had gone under the tutelage of father, and learned tar and setar. The brother died in his youth and Ahmad learned setar by the aid his sisters and became a prominent musician by 18. His style in setar was unique. Solo and ensemble performances of him in radio programs (esp. Golha) are among his greatest survived legacy and will certainly remain in the memory of music-lovers. Shahnavaz is his last contribution to the art of improvisation. He died in Tehran in 1992, and by this the last member of the "Art Family" (Family of Aqa Ali-Akbar) went away.

A Quotation from Ostad Ebadi
"... Improvisation is my principal achievement in music; By improvising I transfer my instant spiritual quality or mood to the listener. This transfer delays until a certain `sense of performance' comes about which in turn depends on the mood of the musician. I am not like a record player to deliver music always in the same shape or mood". (Quoted from: Rudaki, no. 51, 1975).

Published [30/11/2000]

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