Mah Teti ( Music of Mazandaran)

Composed by: Ahmad Mohsenpur
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Composed by: Ahmad Mohsenpur
Vocalists: Mohammad-Ebrahim Alemi, Hoseyn Alambaz
Arsalan Tayyebi, Moslem Fahimi

Kamanche: Ahmad Mohsenpur, Fazlollah Dehqan
Laleva, Qerne, Sorna: Arsalan Tayyebi
Dotar: Moslem Fahimi
Tar: Iraj Reza'i
Bam Tar: Mas'ud Khalili
Daf: Reza Qolizade
Dohol & Naqare: Jamshid Nikuzad


Mah Teti (the moon blossom) is a collection of regional songs and pieces of music based on folk music of Mazandaran. In this album, you can find various forms of this music, vocal as well as instrumental, rhythmic as well as non-rhythmic. Sut yar, Eftab, Mah teti, Baharsu and Varesh are the revised versions of the folk songs Darzande (from south of Mazandaran), Malmal chesh, Omme Nesa, Suzi bakhaste (recreated by Fazlollah Dehqan(, Larjun Khunesh. Each of these songs are the versions of some certain regions or villages, and thus they are totally different from those related to other regions: the first Katuli is from Dodange; Amiri, Qaribi yar, and Mazerun are from the centre of Mazandaran; Najma and Larjun Khunesh from Larijan; Talebak from Kolarostaq, Nowshahr; Hamdam jan from Dodange; Tashna from Behrostaq, دmol; and finally, Qalandar, second Katuli, Delbar, and Tutel are all from Sari and according to the version interpreted the deceased Safiyeddin Mohammadi. He was a great singer and dotar player who lived in Tirkala, Sari till 1980. Other songs also based on interpretations by specific singers: Najma and Larjun Khunesh on that of the deceased Haj Mokhtar Nasiri; Talebak on that of Tupa Ebrahimi. The song Eftab which has been composed based on the folk song Malmal chesh refers to an ancient traditional ceremony; that is, when it becomes cloudy, the teenagers of Bishesar (Sari) start singing a song so that the sun breaks through the clouds.Some of the lyrics of this album belong to oral litterature, like those of Eftab, Qalandar, Najma, Hamdam jan, second Katuli, and Tutel. Others have been written by contemporary poets of Mazandaran such as the deceased Nima Yushij. A number of instrumental pieces such as Sema hal have been performed according to the sorna-naqare repertoire. By tradition, the instrumental suite Pishnavazi is almost always performed at the beginning of the sorna-naqare repertoire and it serves as the opening of the present album as well.

Published [22/02/2010]