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Orchestral aarangement by Mohammad-Rezâ Darvishi
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CD Number [332]

Published [08/01/2013]

Orchestral aarangement by Mohammad-Rezâ Darvishi

Vocals: Nurollâh Alizâde & Abolhasan Khoshru


In the booklet of this collection which is written by Mohammad-Rezâ Darvishi, we read:
"This music is based on melodies which were played on violin by renowned Mâzandarâni musician Ahmad Mohsenpur; in a cold winter night in Chelâb village located in mountainous areas of Âmol he played them for us beside fire and I transcribed and later arranged them for the orchestra. Probably it was the night before Âshurâ and maybe there was something special about that night which contributed to the complicated destiny of this collection!
Melodic roots of the collection can be traced back to Ahmad Mohsenpur's meticulous and searching mind. In those years, we decided to use poems by contemporary Tabari-speaking poets such as Ali Hâshemi Chelâbi, Asqar Mahjuriân Namâri, and other poets among our friends rather than using old poems. And thus these songs are deeply rooted in the music of central and eastern Mâzandarân and at the same time have very close affinity with the real moods of the people at that time - an affinity which still holds."
performers of these pieces are:Homâyun Rahimiân, Manuchehr Ansâri, Rezâ Âlemi and Ali Ra'is Farshid (violin), Noruz Yazdâni, Behruz Kâfi (violin alto), Karim Qorbâni, Homâyun Khosravi (violincello), Ali-Rezâ Khorshidfar (counter bass), Farshid Shams (piccolo & flute), Behruz Turâni (oboe), Mahmud Taqaddosi (clarinet & clarinet bass), Rezâ Majlesi (faggot), Mas'ud Qaribnavâz (horn), Ali-Rezâ Shamsâbâdi (trumpet), Abbâs Dabirdânesh (trombone)