Music of Azerbaijan (Chahargah, Bayat-e Shiraz)

Vocals & Daf: Alim Qasimov
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(Chahargah , Bayat-e Shiraz)

Vocals & Daf: Alim Qasimov
Tar: Malik Mansurov
Kamanche: Elshan Mansurov

 Alim Qasimov, born in 1957 in Shamakha in the Republic of Azerbaijan, came from a modest family where music, while not being performed, was greatly appreciated. Before devoting himself with assiduity to studying the art-music repertoire (Muqam) with the greatest singing teachers of the day, people like Haji Baba Huseynov, Aqa Khan Abdulayev and Nariman Aliev, he had worked at different trades: as a shepherd and a chauffeur to name a few. With such an exceptional voice, he could have rocketed to stardom in no time but, never one to indulge in facility, he always aimed for the high standards of his masters, constantly broadening his knowledge of the repertoire and the classical modes.
Winning the Jabbar Qaryaghdi-oghlu Singing Competition crowned him, at the age of twenty-five, top of his field, the best classical singer of his generation. Highly renowned in Azerbaijan, he benefited from the support and esteem of the most demanding teachers, like Bahram Mansurov. He excels in all the genres: improvised muqam, muqam in strict time, songs, the ashiq bard songs and also in daf (tambourine) playing. ...

Published [09/10/2005]

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