Of Yesterdays (Tasnifs from 1950s)

Vocals : Manuchehr Homayunpour
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Persian Tasnifs from 1950s

Vocals :
Manuchehr Homayunpour
the Orchestra of Hossein Yahaqqi

 Parviz Homayunpour was born in the Spring of 1924 in Borujerd. His father was employed in military services and his mother, housekeeper, was truly a generous woman.
His formost interests were for Persian classical poetry and literature. But his musical talent showed itself from an early age. Taj Esfahani, Adib Khansari, Reza-Qoli Zelli, Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri and Ruhangiz exerted the deepest influences on his love for music and especially for singing. By the age of 7 he had many avazes and tasnifs by heart. After finishing. His high school in 1943, he was employed by the government until 1975 when he retired. After the fall of Reza Shah, he was a serious music listener and used to sing in private sessions and intimate parties and he was going to have numerous fans and disciples around himself.
During these years, he get acquainted with an artistic group involved in stage productions of Persian dramas and also in music-making. In the head of theatrical group was a brave woman, Esmat Safavi. The musical group was directed by Ali-Mohammad Namdari who was a violinist and the pupil of one of the greatest masters of Persian classical music, Abolhasan Saba. Namdari had private music classes and the introducing of Homayunpour to the radio programs began from his center. Many of the musicians who played and sang in the orchestra of Namdari turned out to be prominent instrumentalists and singers of later years.
Homayunpour sang in the summer of 1945 for the first time with the Namdari Ensemble. That was his first major step towards serious music. Afterwards in 1947 he was befriended with Ostad Abolhasan Saba. This intimate relation was hi absolute honor and was a great opportunity for him to develop his musical ideas and to materialize his aims. He performed some programs with the Orchestra of Saba (1947). In 1948 with the second orchestra of Radio Corporation, namely the Orchestra of Hoseyn Yahaqqi, Homayunpour gave some concerts. He cooperated extensively with such great master musicians as Morteza Gorginzadeh, Ebrahim Mansuri, Javad Ma'rufi, Ruhollah Khaleqi, Habibollah Badi'i, Fereydun Hafezi, Shanjarfi and the Brothers Ma'arefi. He is now a veteran and occasionally instructs young singers on the art of Persian classical singing. ...

Published [31/12/2002]

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