Old Zarbis 2

Nterpreted & Perfored by Ostad Yusef Forutan
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CD Number [311]

Published [20/12/2011]

Interpreted & Perfored by
Ostad Yusef Forutan



This collection includes Zarbis of Ostad Forutan in Dastgah-e Shur, Mahur, Segah, Chahargah and avaz-e Afshari, Bayat-e Tork, Dashti and Bayat-e Esfahan . In the booklet of this album which is written by Farshad Tavakoli, he has note that: "Forutan's style of setar is where Mirza Hoseyn-Qoli's with zarbis and Rokneddin Mokhtari's pishdaramads reach each other and these two combine with ornamentations of Darvish Khan's setar and tone colors of Moshir-Homayun Shahrdar's piano.... Forutan's setar narrates Naseri's period national hymn (made by Jean-Baptiste Lemaire) with the same genuineness that narrates Shahrashub in Shur." Ostad Forutan was acquainted with piano, violin and zarb besides tar and setar. In this collection has played works by Rokneddin Mokhtari, Homayun Shahrdar, Darvish Khan, Morteza Neydavud, Montazamolhokama and also "Che Shurha" and "Ey Aman" tasnifs by aref Qazvini.





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