Pieces by Ostad Faramarz Payvar Compiled by Mina Oftade
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  • Writer: Faramarz Payvar
  • Book Number [126]
  • Published [24/12/2011]
  • Pages [36]
  • This book contains 4 pieces by Ostad Faramarz Payvar titled "Peyvand", "Moqaddame-ye Abu'ata", "Chaharmezrab-e Abu'ata" and "Moqaddame-ye Bayat-e Kord"."Peyvand" and "Moqaddame-ye Bayat-e Kord" are available in the Shahrashub album, and you can find the other two pieces in the album Zarb-e Osul. In the preface, Mina Oftade describes the piece "Peyvand": "This piece is composed by joining various rhythms together, accompanied by beautiful melodies,in avaz-e Abu'ata and includes Chaharmezrab, Tasnif, Semezrab and so on in different measures."


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