Radif of Seven Dastgahs of Classical Music

Collected by: Musa Marufi
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 Collected by: Musa Marufi
Tar Performance by: Soleyman Ruhafza

(10 CDs)

About this collection
In Persian Classical Music, the radif compiled by Musa Ma'rufi is based on the radif of Mirza Abdollah and the radif of Aqa Hoseyn-Qoli. It has also been adapted to the radif of Mehdi-Qoli Hedayat. But since there has never been a consensus among the Persian music masters on the gushe's of radif, around four decades ago, many of the celebrated masters of Persian music including Nur-Ali Borumand, Ali-Akbar Shahnazi, Abolhasan Saba, Ahmad Ebadi, Rokneddin Mokhtari, and Musa ma'rufi gathered together at the invitation of Institute of Fine Arts to edit and finalize every single gushe of radif. These controversial sessions lasted for a whole and a half year but in vain due to the divergence of views among those masters. Finally, they agreed that everyone does compile, transcribe, and publish their own version separately, and afterwards the council conducts analysis on them. Through such a procedure, the radif of Musa Ma'rufi was selected to be published.
Musa Ma'rufi was masterful at playing tar. He was one of the prominent students of Darvish Khan. Ma'rufi in compiling his radif which was published in 1963 has artistically taken into account the radif of Mirza Abdollah and the radif of Aqa Hoseyn-Qoli, and the works of Ali-Naqi Vaziri as well. The deceased Soleyman Ruhafza, on the recommendation of Ma'rufi, has performed the due radif by tar.

 Published [15/12/2009]