Regional Music 27 (Qashqayi Songs)

Vocals: Mohammad-Hoseyn Kiyani
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CD Number [291]

Published [13/07/2010]

Vocals: Mohammad-Hoseyn Kiyani

Setar: Hadi Nakisa, Habibollah Gorginpur

Violin: Forud Gorginpur


Qashqayi music is performed in different forms, in three distinct repertoires, by solo musicians and ensembles. It plays an important role in people's life events. From an early age to late elderly life Qashqayis get familiar with their folk tunes to bear the burden of their nomadic life. There are two types of Qashqayi musicians: 1) professional, 2) amateurs. The basic repertoire of Qashqayi music includes: 1) Ashiqs' repertoire, 2) Changis' repertoire, 3) Sarebans' repertoire.
Professional musicians are minstrels who have specific knowledge of one of the three above repertoires, and are a member of its class or tribe hierarchy.