Regional Music of Persia 1 (A Musical Anthology of Mazandaran)

Collected & recorded by: Ahmad Mohsenpour
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CD Number [130]

Published [30/07/2003]

Collected & recorded by: Ahmad Mohsenpour
accompanying notes by: Sasan Fatemi


The major part of the repertoire of Mazandaran music is appropriated to vocal tradition. The region is not so rich in terms of the diversity ofmusical instruments.The most prevalent instruments are LALEVA (a reed pipe which is held obliquely and played using the technique of continued respiration), and DESARKOTAN (a type of tiny drums usually played with sornâ); SORNA and KAMANCHE of the region do not show any dramatic differences in comparison with their counterparts belonging to other regions of the country. Besides, in the eastern region also dotar is found which compared to the neighboring regions manifests slight variations in terms of few organologic characteristics. Any individual instrument with the exception of dotar has its own repertoire, while borrowing from the vocal repertoire found in the territory. ...