Rengs from Seven Dastgahs of Classical Music

Santur: Pezhman Azarmina /Tombak: Siamak Banayi
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Santur: Pezhman Azarmina
Tombak: Siamak Banayi

 Pezhman Azarmina, Born in 1973 in Tehran, Pezhman Azarmina studied medicine for a short while until he began his music studies with Ostad Payvar in 1984 and graduated from his school in 1993. He has also studied the art of piano playing to get acquainted with composition with Ardeshir Rowhani. Azarmina also knows well the art of tombak playing.
Of his compositions for santur are Shabdiz (santur duo in Esfahan, Nava, and Mahur), Minu (santur duo in Shur), Saraghaz (in Shur), Bamdad (in Rast-Panjgah), Mehraban (in Nava)< and Golpasand (in Dashti, Afashari, Bayat-e Tork and Abuata). He has recorded his musical oeuvres, which are to be released in future.
Supervised by Ostad Payvar, Azarmina has rewritten the complete course of santur by the late Ostad Abolhasan Saba, as well as arranging some old rengs from seven Dastgahs of Persian classical music. The latter has been published.
In "Goft-o-Gu" he has contributed by playing the piece known as "Fanus" (i.e. "lantern"). The present collection is his recording debut. ...

Published [07/09/2007]