Rengs of Azarbayejan

Garmon: Rahman Asadollahi / Naqare: Vahid Asadollahi
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Garmon: Rahman Asadollahi
Naghare: Vahid Asadollahi
Piano: Nazem Hoseyni
Qosha Naqqare: Hamlet Aliev

The main corpus of Azarbayejan music comprises of eastern maqams,including those of Azarbayejan rengs and dance pieces.its diverse variants and countless forms include Reng,Daramad,Shekaste,Zarbi,Maqam,Saqiname,etc.
Rengs and other dance pieces are numerous and products of popular and professional composers.They are composed through decades and are still being composed.These are mostly pieces by musicians with melodic invention.They are the most part anonymous and very popular amongst native audience. ...

Published [25/07/2009]