A musical project by Farid Kheradmand
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CD Number [094]

Published [27/02/2012]

A musical project by 

Farid Kheradmand

Arrangement: Sepehr Ensemble


This work is the result of 3 years of practice and hard work by Sepehr Ensemble. In the booklet which is written by Arash Mohafez we can read: «Sepehrkhani is based on the traditional idea of Zarbikhani. The performance of Sepehrkhani during the competitions of Musiqi-ye moqam Festival in Baku, March 2011, earned the first prize of this festival for Sepehr ensemble. Sepehrkhani is in fact a suite of 18 successive tasnifs which begins from a specific mode but gradually and through numerous pleaseing but non-cliche modulations constantly renews the modal atmosphere before reaching its final moments and return to the opening mode.» The performers of Sepehr Ensemble are: Bahareh Fayyazi (tar), Ahmad Rezakhah (santur), Asare Shekarchi (kamanche), Farid Kheradmand (tombak, dayere & tambourine), Najme Saghir (ud) and Ehsan Abedi (ney).