Songs of Banan (Nâme-hâ-ye Gomshode)

Composers: Alinaqi Vaziri and...
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CD Number [361]

Published [12/10/2013]

Composers: Alinaqi Vaziri, Mahmud Tâjbakhsh, Mehdi Meftâh, Mehdi Khâledi, Mahmud Zolfonun, Abdollâh Jahânpanâh


"Bolbol-e mast" ("Drunken Nightingale") composed by Alinaqi Vaziri, with lyrics by Dr. Hossein Golgolâb (who has skillfully incorporated a catalogue of Vaziri's compositions in the lyrics). "Shab" ("Night"), which depicts a dream-like night, is one of the most intimate songs of this period by Mahmud Tâjbakhsh; Banân's close friend who also accompanied Banân on his violin in many of these radio pogrammes. "Shart-e rah" resembles a romantic story carried by a fluid melody. Scale shifts in some of Banân's phrases, demonstrates his unique vocal strenght. Performed by any other singer, "Nâmehâye Gomshode" ("Lost Letters") would have become an ordinary song. It is Banân's creative nuances, vibratos and trills combined with his exquisite taste in expressing the inner emotions of the lyrics which brings a special charm and beauty to this song, perhaps beyond composer's intentions. "Shab-e Shâdi" ("Night of Happiness") is worthy of its name because of a hidden happiness in its melody. The composer uses the intricacies of segâh dastgâh to create a joyous piece. "Emruz Mahâ" is more like a rhythmic piece (zarbi); a song with familiar ups and downs based on a qazal by Molavi (Rumi).