Songs of Banan (Royâ-ye Hasti)

Composers: Alinaqi Vaziri &...
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CD Number [364]

Published [12/10/2013]

Composers: Alinaqi Vaziri, Mahmud Tâjbakhsh, Mehdi Meftâh, Mehdi Khâledi


The lyrics of "Royâ-ye Hasti" ("The Dream of Being") is by Navvâb Safâ and is one of the first poems which demonstrate a philosophical view. It is composed by Hossein-Ali Mallâh in 1962-1963, performed by no. 1 orchestra of national radio and, according to Banân's spouse, was very much loved by him, often crying while listening to it in the last yeras of his life. Its melody combines esfehân and segâh dastgâhs. Nevertheless, the modulation sounds natural and it is not harsh for the listener at all. "Jazbe-ye Mah" ("In Rapture by Moon") is the ultimate example of Banân's velvety voice. In this song, his nuances and trills are unique and it is hard to know that such delicacies were asked for by the composer or resulted from Banân's taste and creativity. "Âtash-e Jâvidân" ("Eternal Fire") was one of the first compositions by Manuchehr Lashkari; a young artist at the time, who recalls Banân's generosity who accepted to perform the song. Mehdi Meftâh, whose teachers were Vaziri and Sabâ, was a fairly good player of violin and qânun. His recordings with Ruhangiz are especially famous. He was also active as a composer, composing a number of beautiful songs, among them "Ashenâsuz", for various singers. Hossein Masrur, nicknamed "Sokhanyâr", was not only a poet but also a skillful writer of prose. The lyrics of "Payâm-e ‘Âsheq" ("Lover's Message"), which depicts a dialogue between the poet and a comb, is by him.