Asha Ensmble Ultimate Reality Toward Divinity
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The Album "Ultimate Reality,Towards Divinity" describes the genre itself . IT is a story,apath , a step by step self experience of a being from initial consciousness towards divinity . The genre therefore can be called " Mystical " . Persian Folk music and its rich traditions have influenced some of the melodies but the music itself is original . There is an element of storytelling in the music and in the album as a whole . It is in fact a Modem story telling of an ancient path towads the ultimate reality.


Composer/Guitar : Arash Adel Poor

M. Mohammad Hasani : Benjo

Golnoosh Malayeri -: Santoor

Reza Abaei : Gheychak

Hamid Khosro shahi : Flute

Behnam Masoumi : Percussion

Nima Delnavazi : Bass Guitar



Published by: Naghmeh Hesar Institue (NHI-records)