Symphony IX (My World)

National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
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CD Number [352]

Published [19/05/2013]

Alireza Mashayekhi

National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Vladimir Sirenko 

Vladimir Sirenko was born in the Poltava region in the Ukraine on November 1. 1960. He studied conducting at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory and in 1990 he won the International Conducting in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Vladimir Sirenko is an Honoured Figure of Arts of Ukraine (1997) and of Russian Federation (2003). In 2001 he received Ukraine' s most prestigious award known as the National Shevchenko Prize. Sirenko has frequently toured Russia, USA, South Korea, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgharia, Belgium, the UK amongst other countries.

It took Mashayekhi almost 10 years of experiments to compose Symphony IX (My World), op. 201 (2010). The final decision about this composition was made after composing "The Stained Window Glasses" op 189 (2008) for violoncello, a composition of over one hour for cello solo. In this cello composition Mashayekhi created a musical trip through different continents. In Symphony IX the composer went through the world and through centuries of cultural and musical developments. We experience a touch of Japan, China, Middle East, Africa and Europe, and we go through Renaissance, Baroque, Expressionism, Impressionism and through different crystallizations of musical art in our time. Actually there are several symphonies within this opus. It is retrospective, as well as looking into the future of ‘symphonic challenges'. Quoting Beethoven in the beginning and at the end of ninth symphony is a meaningful hint about the symphony in general. The symphony begins out of respect and love for Beethoven, Bruckner and Mahler with the tone 'D' and begins and ends with a quotation of the great master of the symphony: Ludwig van Beethoven. This symphony is dedicated to the composer's wife Elisabeth Holthaus.