Tar & Kamanche

Tar : Abdollah Qorbani / Kamanche & Naqqare: Mohsen Qorbani
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Tar : Abdollah Qorbani
Kamanche & Naqqare: Mohsen Qorbani

 As early as his first acquaintance with tar, Abdollah Qorbani instinctively was aware that acquiring utmost dexterity in playing the instrument needs hard work. His stubbornness, and love for difficult studies, and repetition of lessons were all benchmarks for his artistic development. He had this clear idea that tar would be his faithful friend. Whether in conducting or solo playing, he has been warmly received by his audience. Professor Kamel Ahmadov, master radif scholar of Azerbaijani music, believes that, "I had numerous pupils, but none of them was so keen and accurate like Abdollah." To acquire the deep knowledge of tar-playing he understood that he needed a broader vision of music. So he entered State Conservatory of Azerbaijan, and shortly afterwards he collaborated with Azerbaijani Radio and Television Corporation. During these years he deepened his art. Without any doubt he is the best of Ramiz Quliev, the great master tar-player. "It is of good omen that nowadays tar equals other European instruments and its lovers, old or young, render music skillfully and fill our hearts with joy and sense of glory."
Like his master Quliev, Abdollah Qorbani entered the road ending in glory and fame. According to Quliev, "his oeuvre is for the most part filled with spirit and elan, and this is why it captures the soul of audience. In comparison with his fellow artists, one is easily aware that Abdollah has something special as regards musical style and virtuosity." He uses each musical element with utmost care and with using taste. He has acquired his present situation through hard work. ...

Published [05/03/2008]

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