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Tar : Iman Vaziri
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Tar : Iman Vaziri

 Iman Vaziri, born in 1970, began playing the tar in his youth with Fereydun Hafezi and learned the so-called "Radio Tehran" performance style prevailing in 1940s and 1950s.
His main tutor was Dr. Asadollah Hejazi whose dexterity, and mastery over traditional styles of tar playing profoundly impressed Iman's performance style.
Iman Vaziri has a large repertory of the old masters' solo pieces and radifs, including numerous interpretations of their vocal, violin and tar pieces. His prominent characteristic is his remarkable ability to make various combinations from different parts of this repertory in various interpretations.
The interpretation of metric pieces, in the present performance, in certain cases tends towards performing in free meter, i.e. the preference is given to the enunciation of melismas (tahrirs), ornaments, vibratos and so on rather than maintaining the metric pulsation.

Published [30/04/2005]

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