The Radif of Mirza Abdollah (For the Tar & Setar)

Interpreted & Performed by Ostad Nur Ali Borumand
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Interpreted & Performed by

Ostad Nur Ali Borumand

Published [08/01/2007]

(5 CDs)

 Mirza Abdollah , son of Aqa Ali-Akbar Farahani, a well-known performer of the tar and especially Setar, and a prestigious master musician of the Qajar epoch, is usually credited with compiling the radif of Persian classical music from various sources. He started learning his first music lessons under his elder brother, Mirza Hasan, and then studied with his cousin and step-father, Aqa Gholam-Hosein, who was in turn a student of Aqa Ali-Akbar Farahani. According to Ruhollah Khaleqi, Mirza Abdollah, with the help of a musician and setar-player named Seyyed Ahmad who knew the dastgahs, managed to compile and organize the traditional repertory of Persian classical music, the radif. He used to ask another musician named Seyyed Hasan for the authenticity of the pieces before accommodating them into his collection, according to his well-known pupil Montazem-ol-Hokama and the music scholar Mehdi-Qoli Hedayat. The present collection is based on the radif that was transmitted by Esmayil Qahremani, one of the pupils of Mirza Abdollah, to Nurali Borumand in the course of twelve years. ...


Sorce: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art

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