Vocal Response to the Instrumental Radif of Mirza Abdollah (1)

Persian vocal Radif Dastgah-e Nava,Rast panjgah
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Persian vocal Radif Dastgah-e
Nava, Rast panjgah

Arranged & Performed by: Mohsen Keramati

 The present collection is a vocal interpretation of the instrumental radif of Mirza Abdollah, one of the well-known versions of the radif of Persian classical music.
The vocal radifs are usually quantitatively different from the instrumental ones, i.e. with regard to the number of gushes. Also certain gushes in the vocal, in comparison to the instrumental, radif are sometimes performed differently. It is taken for granted that the origin of vocal music is prior to that of the instrumental music. Consequently, it may be inferred that the instrumental radifs are probably formed after the vocal ones. However, the instrumental radifs currently, for any reason, enjoy a richer body of repertory than the vocal radifs. Moreover, there have been paid more attention to recording as well as notating the instrumental radifs, hence these versions have become more fixed and classicized and their transmission has gone through rather more academic processes. ...

Published [09/11/2003]