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Santur : Faramarz Payvar / Tombak : Hossein Tehrani
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 Santur : Faramarz Payvar

Tombak : Hossein Tehrani

 The greatest of contemporary tombak-layers, was born in 1912 in Tehran and began his studies at the same time when tombak playing was regarded not as a respected music career for the player. "When I began to play tombak, the instrument was a humiliated one, and according to general consensus it was better proper for low-class musicians," he once said. From 1928 he went to study tombak with Hossein Esmailzadeh, himself a master kamanche player. Since modern musical notation was not common during those days, he used mnemonic devices to memorize rhythmic patterns. Reza Ravanbakhsh and Kangarlu were also among his mentors, both renowned tombak players. Thehrani also witnessed and studied the styles favoured by bohemian tombak players.

After the foundation of Superior School of Music by the late Ali-Naqi Vaziri, he was appointed as the instructor of tombak there. Unfortunately changes followed in the managerial staff of school resulted in his suspension. After a while, Ruhollah Khaleqi founded the national conservatory and invited Tehrani for teaching. Ten years following witnessed his collaboration with the National Music Orchestra as well as with the Society of National Music. Tehrani is now regarded as a key figure in Persian music, spotted by domestic as well as foreign musicians, in numerous concerts and music festivals. He single-handedly is responsible for the high stature attained nowadays by tombak, through his originality of musicianship and due to his generous personality. He also formed a tombak ensemble to encourage young players to play in group and with large orchestras. To provide them with a performing repertory he also composed fantastic pieces for the ensemble. He died in 1973 after a long period of illness. May his memory will be cherished forever. ...

Published [07/09/2006]

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